Facts, Figures and Data

Our assortment currently consists of approx. 6,000 items. 

  • Owner operated manufacturing of costumes, hats, jewellery, cosmetics, holsters and a broad range of accessories.
  • Sample tailoring for pattern creation and the development of new costumes and textile accessories.
  • A laboratory for the development and quality control.
  • A digital photo studio for catalogue creation.
  • Our internal workshop geared towards tool design and construction

Domestic Labour Force

We employ:

  • Core staff in Idar-Oberstein/Kirn region 
    Approx. 180 employees, 40 of which are employed in clerical areas.
  • Seasonal Staff
    Approx. 80-100 employees
  • Home Workers
    Approx. 50 workers as well as various workshops for the disabled

Schooling and Training:

  • We offer 4 apprenticeships annually, Industrial Business Management Assistants as well as Warehouse Management Assistants.

Locations and Surface Area

Domestic surface areas

  • Our production-, storage- and management facilities in the Idar-Oberstein/Kirn region amount to approx. 50,000 sqm + an additional 25,000 sqm rented space which is enough storage for 6,000 Euro-skids and 750,000 hanging costumes.

Non domestic surface area

  • Approx. 5,000 sqm

Subsidiary work force

  • Our subsidiary work force consists of approx. 120 employees, domestic and abroad.

Product Safety

In 2008, 3 of our executives successfully completed training as toy safety specialists. As of 2012; our quality management team for toy safety is led by our quality manager.

Environmental Protection

Protecting our environment is important to us and is the reason we installed solar panels on the rooftop of one of our subsidiaries in Bernburg. This system generates 84 kWp and leads to an annual CO2 reduction of 45 tonnes.

A Family Establishment since 1924

Fries was established in 1924 and is still a family managed enterprise now in its third generation. What was once a small tool manufacturing shop has evolved over the years to become one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of carnival and party items in Germany today. The journey with all its hurdles can be read under our company history.

Today, the Fries group consists of 7 highly productive companies, domestic and abroad, who are committed to providing “Carnivalists“ near and far, with original and newly discovered carnival items.  Party- and fan items as well as Bavarian fest, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party items top up our assortment.

The detailed company history can be found here.