Carnival – clownish but not foolish

Our traditionally influenced business has been engaged in Carnival, Shrovetide and Mardis Gras, for over 40 years. Approx. 6,000 different items, including 450 costumes and a wide range of hats, wigs, masks, cosmetics, jewellery and accessories await your discovery.

Carnival Costumes

  • Men’s Costumes: Pirate Costumes, Indian Costumes, Hippie Costumes, Mexican Ponchos, Musketeer Costumes, Gardner Trousers, Striped Sweaters, Ballet Tutus, Sheik, Vampire, Prisoner, Cowboy, Eskimo, Kilts, Cow Pants, Gorilla, Clown Trousers, Clown Tailcoats, Clown Coats, Sultan, Giraffe Costume, Hawaii Shi(r)ts, Captain, King, Men’s Vests, Greek, Neanderthal, Monk, Costumes for Street Carnival and many more.
  • Women’s Costumes: Witch Costumes, Cat Costumes, Leopard Costume, Bee Costumes, Disco Costumes, Pirate, Stewardess, Sequin Costumes, Nurse, Rococo, Cowgirl, Squaw, Nun, Jeannie, Scottish, Police, Mermaid, Clown Wear, Angel Costume, Corsets, Spanish, Hippie, Ponchos, Party Sets and many more. 
  • Children’s Costumes: Cowboy Costumes, Indian Costumes, Children’s Capes, Plush Costumes, Ladybug Costume, Lion Costume, Wolf Costume, Knight Costumes, Princess Costumes, Police Vests, Fireman Costumes, Punk, Clown, Witch, Vampire, Pirate and many more.


  • Feather Boas, Ties, Bowties, Angel Wings, Witch Brooms, Indian Accessories, Holsters, Pistols, Rifles, Swords, Beards, Noses, Joke Items, Joke Glasses, Party String, Tights, Fish Net Stockings, Party Items, Wall Decorations, Hall Decorations, Garlands, Streamers.
  • Wigs: Witch Wigs, Vampire Wigs, Devil Wigs, Clown Wigs, Afro Wigs, Braided Wigs, Indian Wigs, Rococo Wigs, Monk Bald Head, Grandmother Wigs, Pirate Wigs,
  • Masks: Devil Masks, Witch Masks, Ghost Masks, Funny Masks, Domino Masks, Feather Domino Masks.
  • Cosmetics: Water based Make-Up, Lipstick, Liners, Tattoos, Make-Up Sets for Vampire, Clown etc. Fingernails, Eye Lashes, Theatrical Blood, Hair Spray, Hair Highlighter, Glitter Gels, Make-Up Book with Step by Step Instructions.
  • Hats: Straw Hats, Cowboy Hats, Witch Hats, Sombreros, Captain Hats, Pirate Hats, Bowler Hats, Top Hats, Sailor Hats, Plush Caps, Sequin Hats, Women’s Hats, Cow Hat, Clown Hats, Helmets such as, Viking Helmet, SWAT Helmet, FBI Helmet, Police Helmet, Knight Helmet, Fireman Helmet and many more.